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Any RideSmart Florida orders placed Dec. 22, 2016-Jan 3, 2017 will be filled after Jan 3, 2017

The items on the following page are available by request from the Florida Motorcycle Safety Program. The materials must be for use within the state of Florida. Quantities available are limited and, depending on current inventory, some items may not be able to be fulfilled. Orders are filled once per week. Please allow sufficient time for the delivery of your materials before your event as orders take 7 to 10 business days to process.

After completion, please check your email for an order confirmation to be sure we received your order.

I pledge to follow all safety guidelines for motorcycle use and to use these educational items for their intended safety purposes. I will observe the Ride Smart Florida message and say no to drinking, make myself visible to motorists, always wear my helmet when I ride, ride in control and within my limits, and seek additional training regularly.

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